Trinity CertTESOL is accepted by the British Council as TESOL or TEFL qualification for teachers in its accredited teaching organisations in the UK and overseas.

Trinity TESOL Certification in Hong Kong

A prestigious TESOL certificate helping you to start a teaching career abroad!

The Trinity Certificate in TESOL is one of the world's most respected and sought after initial qualifications in teaching English to speakers of other languages. The course is accredited at Level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework (the NQF) by the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) in England. English for Asia are proud to offer you the prestigious Trinity CertTESOL Course in Hong Kong, helping you to start a teaching career anywhere in the world.

TESOL Course Features

Trinity has been validating courses and awarding qualifications for over 30 years now!

The Trinity CertTESOL course offered by EFA is one of the world's most prestigious, respected and sought after initial qualifications (similar to Cambridge CELTA) required to teaching English as a foreign language in Hong Kong and abroad.

The Trinity TEFL course in Hong Kong is accredited at Level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework (the NQF) by the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) in the United Kingdom.

EFA provides comprehensive job placement assistance and support to our graduates who are hired by schools to provide Native English Teachers (NETs) to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Our unique training methodology and communicative approach to teaching English will prepare you for the international standards with a style that is most sought after by schools and ESL employers throughout the world.

 Trinity TESOL course highlights

  • Teaching practice - with real learners of English, including evaluation and feedback - with the CertTESOL you get 6 hours observed teaching practice, followed by feedback with a qualified trainer
  • Observation of ESOL teaching by experienced teachers - with the CertTESOL you get 4 hours of observation
  • Lesson plan practice - with self-and tutor-evaluation and feedback
  • Spoken and written language practice - study of grammar and phonology and how to build them into your teaching
  • Needs analysis for learner – including preparation of a simple linguistic profile of an individual learner
  • Experience of learning an unknown language - to help you to reflect on the beginner English language learner’s point of view

 Benefits of taking a TEFL course in Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong is unique in the world in that it is included in mainland China but has a completely separate and different style of government.
  • The city has some of the highest ratings in the world in quality of life, economic freedom, and other areas.
  • Because over 13 million people live in such a relatively small region, the area is packed with international attractions, shows, markets, and more.
  • The population density and thriving atmosphere ensure that those who take the Trinity TEFL course will never run out of jobs.
  • There are ample teaching opportunities not only because children want to learn English, but because businessmen and CEOs want to learn English to improve their skills in the marketplace.

 Teaching opportunities for TEFL graduates

There is no denying that China is fast emerging as a social and economic hot spot. At the heart of all the exciting development associated with the country is Hong Kong, the next place you could be considering to work as an English teacher. The opportunities that present themselves here in Hong Kong are numerous but you need the right tools to help you navigate in this career choice.

The constant need for high quality English teachers who possess an internationally recognised TEFL certification has always been greater. English for Asia will not only provide you with a credible TEFL certificate but also help you to acquire the skills you will definitely need in the field, along with job placement assistance.

 What is TEFL/TESOL?

TEFL/TESOL is a teaching qualification which enables you to teach English to students where English is not their first language. It is strongly recommended that you earn a TEFL certificate, validated by an international examinations board (such as Trinity or CELTA), if you are seriously considering to become an English teacher, thereby opening plenty of teaching opportunities abroad. The Trinity Certificate in HK offered by EFA is one of the world's most prestigious and sought after TESOL qualifications.

 Who should take a TESOL?

Trinity CertTESOL offered by English for Asia in Hong Kong is a teacher training course specifically designed for those with little or no teaching experience. Irrespective of what your first language is, all course participants must have a high level of competence in spoken and written English. The intensive training equips teachers with the initial skills, expertise and knowledge required to confidently take up a teaching job, and also gives you a firm foundation for self-evaluation and further professional development.

Why Choose a Trinity CertTESOL Course?

The Trinity CertTESOL offered by EFA is registered with the Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation as a course leading to a Non-local Higher Qualification (Reg. No. 250562), also accepted by the HK Education and Manpower Bureau for Primary Native English Teachers (PNETs) scheme.

We emphasis on creativity-based learning helping you to teach efficiently. With our Trinity TESOL certificate, recognised in the employment arena, you stand a better chance of finding your desired teaching job.

There is also so much to experience here in Hong Kong by indulging in the rich Chinese culture, visiting exciting places, taking part in the festivals and much more, making it one of the liveliest cities worldwide.