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Benefits of TEFL Course in Hong Kong

There are ample teaching opportunities not only because children want to learn English, but because businessmen and CEOs want to learn English to improve their skills in the marketplace.

Good teaching prospects

For the record, Hong Kong is one of the countries that offer the highest wages for those whose work involve teaching English in Hong Kong. Although English is an official language in Hong Kong, as a result of laws implemented by the United Kingdom from 1842 until 1997, more and more adults and students still want to improve their communication skills in English. Students and the Hong Kong people in general, are well behaved and respectful to foreign teachers so this will make your TEFL in Hong Kong stay entirely enjoyable and fulfilling as well.

Moreover, the popularity of the English language should be credited for the easy and comfortable living in the Hong Kong Island. Some "English as foreign language" teachers even do not have to learn to speak Cantonese. Ultimately if that's not enough, Hong Kong is undoubtedly an exciting place to live and work and you will experience an unusual air where the West and East meet and form a fast-paced, vibrant culture all of its own. These are just some of the things that await you when you get your TEFL course in Hong Kong.

Not just TEFL, but it's FUN too

Hong Kong is a majestic city, and it has everything that a major metropolis has. There are still age-old traditions there though, and it's a wonder seeing them. You can see the fascinating sights of Chinese medicine, tea-making, and the secrets of Jade too. There is also some excellent dining too. Hong Kong is considered the culinary center of Asia. That's a pretty high position of esteem because Asia is considered to have excellent cuisine. You can choose from local restaurants or go to the seashore for some fresh food. You'll have lots of opportunities for dining out while you're teaching in Hong Kong with a TEFL certificate, and you can meet some interesting people that are all there studying with you too.

One of the benefits of taking a TEFL course in Hong Kong is that you can get nudged out of your comfort zone in a good way. All the lights, streets, and stores are awesome to see. You can also try some pretty unusual food like the stinky beans, shredded jellyfish, and watch the horse races in the city center. You can also explore a lot out in the remote mountain peaks, deserted islands, and beaten beaches.

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