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Teaching Prospects in Hong Kong

It is estimated that over 400 million people in China are currently learning English, and a large percentage of the Hong Kong population is included in that total. Indeed, one of the main benefits of teaching English in Hong Kong is that many people already speak it so much that many foreign educators never feel the need to learn Cantonese, the native language of the city. Additionally, the ages and demographics of those residents wishing to learn English vary greatly from very young children to senior adults. This variety of students provides the opportunity to teach those with whom you feel most comfortable, and it provides a variety in teaching venues apart from traditional schools.

Many individuals are eager to hire a licensed educator to privately teach them or their children, and many businesses hold English learning seminars for their employees.

High Pay Rates and Dropping Cost of Living

Living in Hong Kong used to be an incredibly expensive proposition, but with the city’s explosion in so many areas like finance, tourism, and technology, the cost of living has continued decreasing steadily for several years. Meanwhile, because English teachers are in such high demand, their pay scale has steadily risen. This disparity between falling costs of living and rising pay rates allows educators to live a more comfortable lifestyle than they might be able to elsewhere, and the extreme variety in activities in the relatively small area provides educators a constant stream of places to visit and things to see!

You can expect anywhere from $16K to $25K, depending on the number of classes you teach in a month. You sometimes get paid more if you're recognised as an official teacher, and like you’ve had post-graduate education. You’ll get to be around the world’s brightest people, the smartest students, and you’ll be in the most beautiful city in the world. It will be a real treat for you to experience this amazing place firsthand. If you’re not sure about whether you want to visit here or not, then just look at some pictures online. The pictures will absolutely just blow you away. Hong Kong students are going to be adults, if you teach businessmen, executives, and CEOs, and that’s always pleasant.

A Natural Yet Urban Environment

While most people associate the city of Hong Kong with Hong Kong Island, the highest concentration of city residents are actually located on the mainland. The island itself is rich with natural attractions like beaches, nature preserves and botanical gardens, hiking trails through vast forests and atop mountainous volcanic landscapes, water tours, and much more. On top of the environmental attractions, the city itself has a plethora of art museums; performing arts theaters like the Hong Kong Ballet and the Hong Kong Philharmonic; culturally significant sites including ancient Buddhist temples and centuries-old preserved village sites; and many internationally universal attractions like Hong Kong Disneyland and the Avenue of Stars. (Further Reading: Things to do in Hong Kong)

Typical Requirements

While the requirements to work teaching English in Hong Kong can vary from job to job, most adhere to a similar standard. They will generally require a 100-140 hour TEFL certificate, Trinity CertTESOL, or another similarly equivalent certificate. Additionally, most will require at least a Bachelor’s Degree, though some will settle for just an Associate’s Degree.

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