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What's Exciting About Hong Kong

Hong Kong has long been lauded as the best country in East Asia, but of course that is a matter of contention with some people that prefer Japan, Korea, or Thailand. However, Hong Kong has way too many proponents that say it’s the best to deny it that stature. Let’s explore why, and let’s explore how you can become an English teacher there and make a living while you’re getting a feel for one of the best countries in Asia.

Ever Dreamed Of Visiting The Best Country In East Asia?

Hong Kong can be kind of overwhelming, and it can be tough to navigate its packed sidewalks, plus there are neon signs, slow traffic, and a ton of chatter everywhere you go. However, that’s what some people love about it. The constant hustle and bustle, the elaborate thoroughfares, and all the things to do make this is an ideal location for people that want to really get stimulated while they’re traveling. There is a lot to do and see there, and there is a ton of stuff to get involved in, and there is always something that can catch your attention. This country is perfectly safe and also well organised. It offers a lot of little moments of perfection. You could sit out on a stool and enjoy a little bowl of beef brisket soup or just gaze out at the beautiful harbor vistas. You might want to stay in a five-star hotel one night or enjoy a delicious beer out in a party zone. There are a lot of different things to do, and variety is the spice of life in Hong Kong.

Ten things you shouldn't miss while taking a TEFL in Hong Kong

Traveling is one of the fastest, easiest and quickest ways to learn new things about a country, their people and their culture. The great ancient city of Hong Kong in China is one of the best places to be while taking your TEFL course, or while on a vacation. Hong Kong is a city that combines the best in the colonialism of the British and the tradition of the Chinese. There are many places that will catch your interest in this beautiful, picturesque city of Hong Kong. We've tried our best to serve you a quick guide and inform you about the great places of interest that you must see while doing a TESOL course here.

Like mentioned earlier there are so many places of interest that one can see while in Hong Kong, but the following are the top ten out of the numerous places of interest we would suggest you to visit during your busy schedule of TEFL training:

1. The Peak:
This is an edifice that is built on top of the mountain where a full view of the city can be enjoyed. A tram can be taken to get to the top of this edifice and this takes about seven minutes to get to the top of this edifice or you can simply take a walk to the top which will take you between an hour and a half or two hours to get to. Being at the top of this edifice will simply blow your mind away.

2. Take a free Tai Chi Lesson:
It is always good to learn a thing or two about a country while on a vacation or study. In this instance, it is important that you get a free 'Tai Chi’ lesson while in Hong Kong as it is a lesson that is given for free by the 'Hong Kong Tourist Board’ and all you need do is to call the Board’s hotline and get an appointment. This exercise is believed to help keep the body and soul together despite the busy academic schedule.

3. The Buddha Statue:
Visit the statue of Buddha that is located in 'Lantau Island of Hong Kong’. This temple is suitable for students that love climbing as you will have to climb 268 steps to get to the top of the statue. Please note that it is important that you make use of your sunscreen lotion, sun glasses, a hat or an umbrella on a hot day to avoid sun burns and a bottle of water to avoid dehydration.

4. The Longest Escalator:
Visit the 'longest escalator’ in the world in Hong Kong as is reputed to be in the 'Guinness Book of World Record’.

5. A Chinese Opera:
Visit a 'Chinese opera’ and get a feel of how to be entertained in the Chinese way even if it seems unintelligible to you at times.

6. A Chinese Medicine Man:
Visit any 'Chinese medicine man’ and complain of an ailment to him and you will discover how he will mix up some Chinese medicine for you. You can as well go for an acupuncture that will help relieve you of the pains that you suffer.

7. The Disneyland of Hong Kong:
Visit the 'Disneyland of Hong Kong’ where you will be thrilled by the various cartoon characters that will make your day worth the while most especially when you have the intention of relaxing after an intensive session of class or study.

8. The Hong Kong Ocean Park:
Enjoy a visit to a world class aquarium that is located in Hong Kong and also rides that will thrill you by visiting the ocean park.

9. The Temple Street Night Market:
This is a market where you get to see chaos that is still orderly in nature as you will get the opportunity of picking up souvenirs that you will take back with you after your study in Hong Kong.

10. The Victoria Park:
This is a tranquil park where you get to enjoy your swims, tennis games and your game of bowls while you can still watch the elderly Chinese men enjoy their 'Tai Chi’. 

Should you take a TEFL course in Hong Kong now?

You should, of course, take a TEFL course in Hong Kong right now. It will give you a chance to see the Far East in a way you will never forget. Being a student in Hong Kong for a period of one month is a lot better than going on a vacation there and not really getting to experience the full breadth and depth of Hong Kong. You will have a social, cultural, and personal experience that will be unforgettable and that will last a lifetime.

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