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Begin your journey as an English teacher with our affordable, and comprehensive Online TEFL course, recognised by leading ESOL employers and teach abroad programs.

Our online TEFL course is derived from the principles of Trinity CertTESOL. It offers comprehensive, in-depth training in teaching English to learners of all levels. It prepares you with the teaching skills needed to confidently conduct a class, for both real-world and online classroom scenarios.

From Teachers to Teachers: Our TEFL online course is specially crafted by our trainers for aspiring educators like you.

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Course Features

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Internationally Recognized

Self-paced Online Study

Derived from CertTESOL

Real-time Teaching Videos

Encoded Digital Certificate

Interactive Discussion, Tasks

In-Depth Course Content

Dedicated Tutor Support

Our Pricing

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40-hour TEFL

Complete introduction & coverage to the key concepts in TEFL
  • Self-paced Online Study
  • Professional Trainer Videos
  • Qualify to teach in-class or online
  • Access for 3 months
(HK$ 1800, EUR 214, GBP 183)
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60-hour TEFL

More in-depth teaching with extra resources and interactive content
  • Everything in 40-hour course + additional 20 hours
  • Detail coverage with extra material
  • Additional Units
  • Extra tasks and interactive content
  • More lesson footage
  • Teaching skill video extracts
  • Access for 6 months
(HK$ 2400, EUR 285, GBP 244)
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120-hour TEFL

Recognised 120-hour TEFL certificate for visa or work purposes
  • Everything in 60-hour course + additional 60 hours
  • More in-depth content in each unit
  • Teaching young learners
  • Practical application of theory
  • Podcasts and trainer-led presentations
  • Additional activities, discussion & tasks
  • Increased real-lesson footage
  • Bonus module
  • Access for 12 months
(HK$ 3600, EUR 428, GBP 366)
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Compare our TEFL courses below to pick the best, and helps you achieve your teaching goals

Feature 40-hour TEFL 60-hour TEFL 120-hour TEFL
Course Fee US$ 229
HK$ 1800 / EUR 214 / GBP 183
US$ 306
HK$ 2400 / EUR 285 / GBP 244
US$ 459
HK$ 3600 / EUR 428 / GBP 366
Suitable for Beginners Yes Yes Yes
Teach English In-Person or Online Yes Yes Yes
Course Duration 1-2 months 2-4 months 3-6 months
Course Access Duration 3 months 6 months 1 year
Video extracts
From authentic lessons demonstrating teaching skills
9 videos 14 videos 21 videos
Authentic lesson footage 145 minutes 250 minutes 349 minutes
More detailed coverage in each module
Includes extra material and resources focusing on a range of teaching skills and the practical application of teaching theory
- Yes Yes
Additional units
Opportunities to reflect on your learning and teaching experiences
- Yes Yes
Extra tasks and interactive content
Includes an additional 13 discussion board activities
- Yes Yes
Additional content on teaching young learners - - Yes
Additional analysis and opportunities for reflection - - Yes
Podcasts and trainer-led presentations
Practical application of theory
- - Yes
Additional activities and discussion tasks
Instructions on how to communicate with parents
- - Yes
Free bonus module on Teaching in Specific Contexts - - Yes

Meet Our Tutors

Discover the faces who created our TEFL courses

Our expert tutors, who crafted our TEFL course, will guide and support you throughout the course, ensuring a rewarding learning experience.

Kevin Clare

DipTESOL Course Director, CertTESOL Trainer

Clare Voke

Director of Teacher Training

Sean Martin

DipTESOL, CertTESOL Trainer

Jennie Fung

CertTESOL Trainer

Allan Crocker

CertTESOL Course Director

Our Advantage

Why Choose Our TEFL Course?

Flexible, Interactive Learning

Watch videos, listen to podcasts, and engage in tasks at your pace, for a flexible and interactive learning experience.

Real-Time Teaching Videos

Our course content is adapted from CertTESOL, featuring real-time teaching videos by our trainers for an immersive learning experience.

Superior Course Content

Our course offers in-depth and more challenging content than many others, helping you become an effective English teacher.

Visa-Qualifying TEFL Program

Our 120-hour TEFL course provides the certification needed for visa applications and global teaching opportunities.

Online TEFL Content & Syllabus

Content Summary at a Glance

Our TEFL courses cover seven modules, preparing you with the essential skills for English teaching. Explore grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, writing, listening, and reading. Gain a repository of effective ideas, tools, and strategies for both classroom and online teaching. Watch video examples from our teachers illustrating key teaching techniques in real classrooms.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • Module 2: Learning about English language
  • Module 3: Preparing lessons
  • Module 4: Teaching techniques
  • Module 5: Teaching language and skills
  • Module 6: Teaching in specific contexts
  • Module 7: Teacher pathways
  • Extra unit: Motivation
  • Extra module: Teaching online

Detailed Listing of Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language

In this module we discuss advantages and disadvantages of popular teaching approaches and methods and look at common misconceptions of learning a language.

Module one contains the following unit:

  1. Approaches and methods in TEFL

The 60 and 120 hour courses go into more detail on:

  • Specific approaches and methods, such as
    • The Grammar Translation Method
    • The Direct Method
  • A reflective survey on language assumptions
  • Extra task option
  • Knowledge vs Acquisition podcast
Module 2: Learning about English language

In this module, we analyse grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, receptive and productive skills from a learner’s perspective, helping you to better anticipate common problems your learners will encounter, and plan effective solutions for your classes.

Module two contains the following units:

  1. Learning about grammar
  2. Learning about vocabulary
  3. Learning about phonology
  4. Learning about receptive skills
  5. Learning about productive skills

The 60 and 120 hour courses go into more detail on: 

  • Connected speech
Module 3: Preparing lessons

In this module we look at effective lesson planning through writing specific aims and choosing appropriate lesson staging, as well as evaluating and adapting materials, and sharing activities with peers.

Module three contains the following units:

  1. Lesson planning
  2. Lesson staging
  3. Using materials
  4. Sharing activities

The 60 and 120 hour courses go into more detail on:

  • Learner motivation
  • Task planning
  • Using course books
  • Communicative activities
Module 4: Teaching techniques

In this module we cover key strategies for classroom management with specific reference to an online environment, how to present, elicit and concept check language, how to give effective instructions, how to monitor learners, check answers and correct errors, how to use drilling effectively, and how to assess learners.

Module three contains the following units:

  1. Online class management
  2. Eliciting and concept checking
  3. Giving and checking instructions
  4. Monitoring and checking answers
  5. Feedback and error correction
  6. Drilling
  7. Assessing learners

The 60 and 120 hour courses go into more detail on:

  • In-person classroom management
  • Grammar lesson video example
  • Speaking lesson video example
  • Monitoring and checking examples from the classroom
  • Drilling specifics
  • Assessing learners – washback effect
Module 5: Teaching language and skills

In this module we focus on the practical aspects of teaching grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening, speaking and writing, and observe experienced teachers deliver lessons in-person and online. 

Module five contains the following units:

  1. Teaching grammar
  2. Teaching vocabulary
  3. Teaching pronunciation 
  4. Teaching receptive skills
  5. Teaching productive skills

The 60 and 120 hour courses go into more detail on:

  • Grammar teaching in action, with video lesson observation
  • Planning what vocabulary to teach
  • Vocabulary teaching in action with longer video example and tips
  • Pronunciation teaching in action, with video example from the classroom
  • Receptive skills teaching in action, with video example from the classroom
  • Teaching speaking
  • Teaching writing and the writing process
Module 6: Teaching in specific contexts

In this module we explore teaching young learners, teens and adults in academic and business contexts, as well as specific strategies for teaching online. 

Module six contains the following units:

  1. Teaching one-to-one
  2. Teaching young learners
  3. Teaching teens and adults 
  4. Teaching online 

The 60 and 120 hour courses go into more detail on:

  • Teaching online (in-depth focus and advanced techniques)
  • Teaching young learners (implications, classroom management and myths about young learner teaching)
  • One-to-one teaching with young learners and associated myths
  • Researching common ESOL exams (Trinity and Cambridge)
Module 7: Teacher pathways

In this module we discuss options for continuing professional development and different directions you can take in your teaching career. 

Module seven contains the following unit:

  1. CPD and qualifications

The 60 and 120 hour courses go into more detail on:

  • Reflective practice
  • DipTESOL and DELTA
  • Alternative careers in TESOL
  • TEFL terms
Extra unit: Motivation

The Motivation unit reflects on previous learning and looks at extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. It also covers Harmer's angel analogy and looks at how to keep learners motivated and the practical application of these ideas.

Extra module: Teaching online

The Teaching online module covers the benefits and challenges of teaching online with practical ways to overcome challenges. You will learn how to use and share online tools, keep young learners engaged and see examples of online teaching in action.

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Who should take our course?

Whether you are new to teaching or want to enhance your skills, our TEFL course suits every individual seeking a respected online certification.

Teachers Seeking Recognized TEFL Certificate

Professionals Eyeing for a New Career or a Change

Retirees Who Wish to Share Knowledge & Experience

Stay-at-Home Parents & Freelancers

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Budget-Conscious Teachers for Quality Training

TEFL Course FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions below. If you don't find what you're looking for, please feel free to reach out to us for more assistance.

The 40-hour course provides a quick and comprehensive introduction to TEFL, the 60-hour course offers additional practical focus and tasks, including units on motivating learners and teaching online, while the 120-hour course is a complete program covering a full range of teaching contexts and methodologies, with expanded coverage of all modules and additional units on teaching young learners and preparing learners for exams.

Our TEFL course is developed by experienced teachers who deliver our prestigious Trinity CertTESOL course, who possess extensive teaching experience and a deep understanding of advanced pedagogical principles. All our courses includes video recordings of live teaching sessions, podcasts, collaborative idea-sharing with peers, and the completion of reflective tasks. To make sure you've understood the concepts, we've added quizzes at the end of each module, helping you both evaluate and get a solid grasp on what you've learned.

No. You do not need any prior teaching experience to complete the course.

Yes, you can take our course even if English is not your primary language.

No specific qualifications are required to enroll in our online TEFL course. It's open to anyone aspiring to become an English teacher, though a good command of the English language is recommended. Access to a computer or laptop with reliable internet are essential.

Upon successful completion and passing of the final test, you'll immediately receive a digital credential, including an e-certificate for download and printing, and a digital badge for social media display. Our credentials are secured on blockchain, ensuring they're tamper-proof and easily verifiable by institutions.

Each of our TEFL course come with generous access times, but if needed, options for extensions should be discussed with us, and we'll consider the same.

Yes, you can start teaching immediately after receiving your TEFL certification.

Our Happy Teachers

Excerpts from testimonials our TEFL Online Course Trainees shared with us

“Getting a discount on the Trinity CertTESOL after completing the TEFL course was a huge bonus. It made continuing my education affordable and motivating.”

Cheung Tsz Ching

120-hour Course

“I finished the 120-hour TEFL course online, at my own pace. It was great being able to access the course any time, from anywhere. Truly a flexible way to get certified!”

Hyang Won May

120-hour Course

“The e-credential I received after completing my TEFL course is internationally recognized. It has now opened doors for me to teach in HK, and several countries.”

Yip Man Wai

60-hour Course

“The course's flexibility in terms of duration and hours of study was ideal. Whether it was 6 weeks or 12, I could fit it into my life without hassle. Great value for the money.. I feel well-prepared.”

Tse Hoi Lam

120-hour Course

“I loved the step-by-step teaching techniques demonstrated through video examples. Seeing real classes in action helped me visualize myself in the teaching role.”

Luca Rossi

120-hour Course

“The 60-hour course covered everything from grammar to pronunciation and online teaching strategies. I now feel equipped to handle any teaching situation.”

Rajesh Rao

60-hour Course

“The key modules were incredibly thorough, covering everything from lesson planning to teaching language effectively. Every aspect of teaching was addressed. Definitely take this course if you're serious about teaching.”

Chidi Obi

40-hour Course

“Opting for the 120-hour TEFL course was perfect for my busy schedule. I loved that I could complete it in just 12 weeks while still maintaining a full-time job.”

Wong Ka Man

120-hour Course

“The course not only taught me how to teach English effectively but also how to develop professionally in the field. I'm more confident and prepared than ever.”

Emily Taylor

120-hour Course

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Complete introduction & coverage to the key concepts in TEFL
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60-hour TEFL

More in-depth teaching with extra resources and interactive content
(HK$ 2400, EUR 285, GBP 244)
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120-hour TEFL

Recognised 120-hour TEFL certificate for visa or work purposes
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